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*Mrs. Robert H. Adams
+Mr. and Mrs. Russ Alben
*Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Assaf
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Barrett
*Mrs. George Barrie IV
+Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bright
  Mr. and Mrs. Eli Broad
*Kelvin L. Davis
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Day
*Mrs. William H. Doheny
+Charles Brewer Fiscus
*Mr. & Mrs. Gary Freedman
*Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gluck
*Mrs. Joseph Goldenberg
  Hershey - Van Horn Family
  Carol Hogel
+Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hotchkis
*Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jenks
  Howard B. Keck, Jr.
+Mr. and Mrs. Van Rensselaer Kelsey
  Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kirkeby
*Sandy Krause
+Dr. Milton & Mrs. Gil Flora Krisiloff
+Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martin
*Mr. and Mrs. Glen McDaniel
+Mr. and Mrs. John J. McMahon
  Mr. and Mrs. George Mekjian
*Mr. and Mrs. Chase Morsey, Jr.
+Merle and Peter Mullin
  Occidental Petroleum
+Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Oppenheimer
  Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Perry
+Mr. & Mrs. Donald Petroni
+Rear Admiral and Mrs. Frank E. Raab
*G. M. Reingold, Ph.D.
+Major General & Mrs. Gwynn Robinson
  Rolle Charitable Family Trust
*Wendy-Sue Rosen
*Mr. and Mrs. Peter Savello
  Mrs. Alexa Scharff
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schulman
+Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shapiro
*Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Tilton
  Grant A. Tinker
+W. Lee Towns
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tuttle
  University Scholarship Fund
*Mr. & Mrs. Charles Z. Wick
+Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wolf, Jr.
*Sue Young

+ Veteran
* Veterans in their family

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